Christians could disappear from Jerusalem because of COVID-19.

Here’s what you can do.

Normally hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists would flock to Jerusalem and Bethlehem right now to celebrate the Easter Season ending on Pentecost.

Tragically, the coronavirus pandemic brought these pilgrimages to a screeching halt. Not a single pilgrim celebrated the Easter season in the Holy City this year.

Churches, hotels, restaurants, and shops that would normally be full of visitors, are now closed while holy sites lie empty.

Local families depend on a robust tourist season for their yearly income. The coronavirus is not only affecting their health, it is devastating a livelihood that has been passed down for generations. For too many, the hardships are unlike anything they have ever experienced.

Sabri Zgeir, a fruit and vegetable shop owner in Jerusalem told the Washington Post:

“Not even the wars were like this,’ said Zgeir, standing before unsold boxes of Medjool dates. ‘This is a tourist place; we could be ruined.’”

Here is what Lama Qattan, who belongs to the small Roman-Catholic community in Gaza, told a reporter from

“We are used to difficult situations, we had three wars, but this [the pandemic] is really frightening. We can’t even visit close family and friends.”

With their livelihoods facing an existential threat, we are facing a devastating exodus of Christians away from the Holy Land.

Christians in the Holy Land are living witnesses of our faith in the place where Christ walked on Earth. They have been faithfully preserving our Christian faith despite an increasingly difficult environment. Without them, millions of Christians would not be able to grow closer in our faith through pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

As believers, we must do all we can to help our Christian brothers and sisters.

To meet this challenge, the International Community of the Holy Sepulchre (ICoHS) is launching a bold and ambitious endeavor – the Hope for the Holy Land campaign. Our goal is nothing less than to save the Christians in the Holy Land from economic ruin and terminal damage.

Founded to save the Christians in the Holy Land

ICoHS works with the blessing and support of the Council of Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, representing 13 Christian denominations. ICoHS is developing an international body of support to aid Christian communities in the Holy Land and secure their continued presence.

Having been continuously present for 2,000 years, the churches in the Holy Land trace their history to the first community of Christians. Today, they have a mission to keep open sacred sites as places of worship for all people while faithfully ministering to their communities.

The Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Theophilos III and the church leaders in the Holy Land invite you to join them in their ministries preserving the Holy Land’s sacred heritage and caring for a community of local Christians.

“The historic Churches of the Holy Land—Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant—have endorsed the International Community of the Holy Sepulchre as a powerful instrument by which you and people of good will around the world can help preserve the Christian community in the place where the faith was born.”

His Beatitude Theophilos III

Here’s how you can bring Hope to the Holy Land

ICoHS has created an opportunity for you to honor your Pentecost tithing by making a special gift to give hope to Christians in the Holy Land. Your donation will advance your belief that Christianity must be preserved in the Holy Land and your donation will be given to Christian families who are suffering in the Holy Land.

A gift of $25 helps a family to remain online, something which is vital to keeping people in employment, sustaining a family business, and ensuring children can access education at home.
$50 would cover a week’s supply of groceries for a local family.
$100 would cover a month’s worth of electric and water bills for a family.
$500 equates to a family’s household monthly income
A gift of $500 helps ensure a family can make ends meet.
$1,000 ** supplements a month’s worth of lost income due to the coronavirus and will help ensure Christian businesses have the resources to re-open once the pandemic ends and pilgrimage resumes. This not only helps a local family – but it also encourages them to keep calling the Holy Land home.

** As a token of appreciation for your generosity, when you make a tax-deductible donation of $1000 or more, you will be invited to join an exclusive ICoHS pilgrimage with privileged access to Holy Land leaders and sites.

With the support of believers like you, we are aiming to raise $300,000 to provide immediate financial relief to the Christians in the Holy Land.

Yes, I want to save the Christians in the Holy Land!

Please make your tax-deductible gift using the secure form below. Only with the support of believers like you can Christianity be preserved in the Holy Land.

How would you like to contribute?

ECHECK or CREDIT CARD – utilize the donate form provided on this page.

CHECK –  write the fund name (The International Community of the Holy Sepulchre Fund #161074) in the memo line on the check and make it payable to “The Signatry”

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* The International Community of the Holy Sepulchre Fund processes gifts through a donor advised fund with The Signatry. Watch for a receipt from The Signatry for your charitable contribution.